Relocating to Tulsa on April 30, 2016

This to let any interested parties know that I will be moving to the Tulsa area (specifically, Sand Springs) on April 30th–my 57th birthday.  Once I have a few weeks to settle in, I will begin holding prayer meetings and interest meetings in advance of pioneering my church in Tulsa.

 The 120 Church will be built on the theme of Charismatic Reformation–returning to preaching sound doctrine and joining to it an emphasis on cooperating with the genuine moving of the Holy Spirit.  I will be putting into practice the truths and principles I learned from Mom and Dad Goodwin.  For more information, please e-mail me at:  You may also obtain more information concerning what this ministry is all about at:

I will post updates here from time to time.  I welcome you contacting me.

–Pastor Mel


Announcing: The 120 Ministry Association

Well, it is time to make our long-awaited announcement. Along with pioneering The 120 Church, I am also announcing the founding of The 120 Ministry Association for fellow ministers who desire to present the Charismatic message in a biblical and balanced way.  This is your opportunity to network and fellowship with other like minded ministers.  If you seek a spiritual home for your ministry, please give this your prayerful consideration.  Click on the link below to view our membership packet:

Read and Download Membership Packet

Imparting Spiritual Gifts

Have you ever wondered how spiritual gifts are imparted?  In the following document, we study in detail how Smith Wigglesworth, Oral Roberts, Mom and Dad Goodwin, and others received the great gifts and anointings God used them in.  This article will really challenge your assumptions:


Imparting Spiritual Gifts

by Mel C. Montgomery


Rare Early Pentecostal Recordings

cropped-file4b.jpegNew people are checking into my WordPress blog and some of them are not familiar with my ministry, so let me share with you what I am doing through my website with rare Early Pentecostal recordings.

I was prepared for prophetic ministry by “Mom” Goodwin in her final years.  (The Rev. and Mrs. J. R. Goodwin were referred to as Mom and Dad Goodwin by those of us who knew them.)  The Goodwins had a remarkable history in ministry.  They attended the meetings of Smith Wigglesworth in 1935 and then entered full-time ministry in 1936.  In 1938, they took a young Kenneth Hagin under their wing and began teaching him about spiritual gifts and prophetic ministry.  They mentored, or spoke into the lives of:  Dr. Ralph Wilkerson, Kenneth Hagin Sr., John Osteen, Billye Brim, many others, and in her final years, Mom Goodwin was a friend and mentor to me.

I was given permission by the Goodwin family to upload the Goodwin recordings to my website,  And people began sending me rare early Pentecostal recordings from around the world and I uploaded them also to my website.  Speakers include:  F. F. Bosworth, Howard Carter, Stanley Frodsham, David Du Plessis, Kenneth Hagin, and others.  You can hear some of these faith giants pray and even operate in tongues, interpretation, and prophecy (especially on the recordings by Mom and Dad Goodwin.)  All of the recordings can be listened to for free on my website at  I was given these recordings by the copyright holders, or I obtained their permission to host them on my website.  Most of these recordings are available only on my website and nowhere else on the internet.  Please visit and enjoy these life-changing recordings.

I also minister in churches were invited and my audios and a few videos are also on my website.

“Let’s Take a Step Back and Consider”

An excerpt from my new book:

The Seven Laws of Balance: 

How to Judge Teachings

and Ignite

a Charismatic Reformation

Excerpt from Chapter 14

Let’s take a step back and consider the overall history of our movement.  The Pentecostal Revival began in 1900, and it regained new impetus with the Charismatic Renewal of the 1970s. Only about one hundred and ten years have passed since this modern reemphasis on the Charismata began. Our movement has had over a century to go from infancy to adolescence, and now I believe it is time to come into maturity. It seems reasonable to me to believe that God expects more from spiritual adults than He expects from spiritual infants and adolescents. In other words, I think God has put up with enough of our ignorance. I believe that He is beginning to correct our misinterpretations and misunderstandings of the Gospel, and if we want to move on with His full blessing, we must repent and conform to sound doctrine. I think that God wants us to return to preaching the Gospel of His Son, rather than the gospel men have thought up.

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Excerpt from Chapter Two of “The Seven Laws of Balance”

Below is an excerpt from Chapter Two:  The Law of Precedent,

from my book, The Seven Laws of Balance.



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