“Let’s Take a Step Back and Consider”

An excerpt from my new book:

The Seven Laws of Balance: 

How to Judge Teachings

and Ignite

a Charismatic Reformation

Excerpt from Chapter 14

Let’s take a step back and consider the overall history of our movement.  The Pentecostal Revival began in 1900, and it regained new impetus with the Charismatic Renewal of the 1970s. Only about one hundred and ten years have passed since this modern reemphasis on the Charismata began. Our movement has had over a century to go from infancy to adolescence, and now I believe it is time to come into maturity. It seems reasonable to me to believe that God expects more from spiritual adults than He expects from spiritual infants and adolescents. In other words, I think God has put up with enough of our ignorance. I believe that He is beginning to correct our misinterpretations and misunderstandings of the Gospel, and if we want to move on with His full blessing, we must repent and conform to sound doctrine. I think that God wants us to return to preaching the Gospel of His Son, rather than the gospel men have thought up.

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Excerpt from Chapter Two of “The Seven Laws of Balance”

Below is an excerpt from Chapter Two:  The Law of Precedent,

from my book, The Seven Laws of Balance.



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How to Stir it Up When There’s Nothing Left to Stir

When you pray and reach out to God, but you are dry, God doesn’t seem to respond, and there is nothing left in you but burn-out, what do you do?  Mel draws upon the scriptures and his own experience with the Lord to teach and demonstrate how to get back in the flow.  The Holy Spirit manifests several times in tongues and interpretation.  At the end of the message, Mel gives an altar call and approximately 2/3rds of the congregation responds by coming forward or kneeling by their chairs to seek God’s face.

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The Power of Perfect Worship

In this sermon, I teach the moving of the Spirit in the same way Mom Goodwin taught it to me–by teaching and demonstration. The Holy Spirit provides numerous messages in tongues and interpretation.

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